Beading Hand Tools

Beading Tools

You've found the right beads; now you need the right tools to make your own jewelry. Pliers, snips, reamers and other beading tools are available at Beadworks to help you create your jewelry with ease. We offer low-cost tools for those beginning in jewelry making or premium quality tools for the experienced beader. We also offer books of jewelry designs and jewelry making techniques to get you started.

Basic Beading Supplies

Basic Beading Supplies

The right supplies can make all the difference in your jewelry making project. Beadboards & beading mats to keep your workspace functional & tidy, needles and adhesive to finish the job and specialty solutions to add a custom finish to metals. Check out all our Basic Beading Supplies

Guide to Beading Hand Tools

Lindstrom Tools: Lindstrom is a European tool company that has been making precision tools and pliers since the late 1800’s. They are admired and used in the jewelry trade for their durability, comfort, and performance. We carry Lindstrom as our highest quality hand pliers option and professional designers, jewelers, wire wrappers and beaders everywhere employ them in their production of jewelry.

Lindstrom Round Nose Pliers: Lindstrom’s round nose is an excellent tool for making tiny wire wrapped loops and placing them close to your beads since the tips come much smaller than the standard round nose pliers.

Lindstrom Flat Nose Pliers: These flat nose are the perfect blend of delicate and strong. With small tips that allow you to get very close to your project and a very strong jaw, this tool can maneuver materials with ease.

Lindstrom Cutters/Nippers: A company favorite, these nippers cut perfectly. They can cut for years if cared for properly and make a precise cut every time. Like all nippers, try to avoid cutting steel wire with your cutters as it will wear them down much faster.

Beadalon Crimping Tool: In the bead stringing world, this tool is the star of the show. Instead of just using your flat nose to flatten crimp beads, the crimping tool allows you to fold crimping beads into neat little squares. This makes the hold stronger while making the crimp bead less noticeable and able to be covered with a Crimp Cover. Crimping tools come in 3 sizes: Micro, Regular and Mighty. Here is a sizing guide below:

Micro Crimping Tool: Use on 1x1 mm crimp beads

Regular Crimping Tool: Use on 2x2 mm crimp beads

Macro Crimping Tool: Use on 3x3 mm crimp beads

Nylon Jaw Flat Nose: This tool has many functions. Use it to straighten bends or kinks in your wire by running it along the wire’s length. You can also work harden (make metal wire harder) by doing the same process. It can also be beneficial to use this tool if you have to really apply a lot of pressure or force to a metal object: the nylon jaw helps protect easily scratched surfaces!

Hard Wire/Memory Wire Cutters: You want to keep these at hand if you work with memory wire, large chains, or very thick gauges of precious and plated wire. The large “beak” of these pliers, cut these materials with ease. If you use your regular wire cutters on the aforementioned materials, you can break and/or quickly wear them down!

Split Ring Tool: Use this tool to assist you in attaching split rings onto clasps and chains. Since split rings can be difficult to hold open while you thread things inside them (especially plated metal split rings), this tool frees up your hands and makes the job much easier.

Bead Reamer: This handy tool allows you to enlarge the holes of beads of they are giving you difficulty during stringing or you want to string the beads onto a larger stringing materials such as leather and ribbon cords. It is easy to use! Just insert the diamond bit into the hand chuck and tighten around the bit. It is important to know that if you are reaming glass or stone beads, use water on the bits and inside the bead as a lubricant.

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