Gemstones by Birthstone

Gemstones by Birthstone

Gemstone beads are highly prized in jewelry. Especially popular are jewelry designs using birthstones. Appearance is almost always the most important attribute of gemstone beads as they are valued for their great beauty or perfection. Characteristics that make a gemstone bead beautiful or desirable are color, an interesting inclusion such as a fossil, rarity, and sometimes the form of the natural crystal.

Gemstone Beads Sorted by Color

Gemstones Comes in Many Colors and Variety

Beadworks offers such a wide variety of gemstone beads that you might want to narrow your search by Gemstone Name, the Birthstone or the Shape of the Gemstones.

Guide to Gemstone Beads for Birthstones

The gemstone beads traditionally associated with each birthstone have been augmented American National Association of Jewelers in 1912 with the Modern Birthstone chart. Tanzanite was added as December's birthstone by the American Gem Trade Assoc. (AGTA) in October 2002.

January - Garnet Gemstone Beads

Said to lift spirits, garnets are one of the least expensive semi-precious gemstones. Deeper red garnets are generally more valuable than paler red garnet gemstone beads.

February - Amethyst Gemstone Beads

Linked to the Greek god of wine, this purple quartz crystal is generally a moderately priced gemstone bead. The most expensive amethyst gemstone beads are the deep purple stones, with the least costly being lavender in color.

March - Aquamarine Gemstone Beads

Blue aquamarines are said to make wishes come true. Color variations relate directly to price with the brilliant sky-blue stones being highly prized and the water-blue ones less costly.

April - Diamond Gemstone Beads

Symbolic of love, joy and courage, the diamond is incredibly hard and was once thought to have magical powers. Today, diamonds are better know as girl's best friend. Diamond beads are available and fairly affordable in their rough form.

May - Emerald Gemstone Beads

Associated with spring, healing and new life, a fine-quality emerald can be more expensive than a diamond. The bright green emeralds are the most costly; pale or cloudy ones are less expensive.

June - Pearls Gemstone Beads

Unlike other gems, they are the product of living beings. Mollusks found in the lakes, rivers, and oceans of the world all produce "pearls".

July - Ruby

Associated with power and strength, the richer, darker rubies are referred to as 'pigeon's blood' and are the rarest and most expensive. Brownish-red or pale rubies can be far less costly.

August - Peridot Gemstone Beads

These stones are considered talismans of protection, courage and power. Price is dictated by size. The large ones are very rare and thus more costly; the smaller ones are plentiful and affordable.

September - Sapphire beads

Considered a good-luck gem, it is the least expensive precious stone. Burma and Ceylon blue sapphires are the most expensive; with the best priced sapphires being yellow, pink, orange, purple, green or white.

October - Opals Gemstone Beads

These gems are said to inspire excitement and passion. Often they are white, but black, blue and orange can be found as well. Ones that glow red are the most expensive, and blue or green hues are less costly.

November - Citrine Gemstone Beads

The sunny color of this stone is linked to cheer and well-being. It is a glassy variety of quartz and is considered very affordable. The most popular color is yellowish-brown; however other favorites are yellow, red and orange.

December - Turquoise Gemstone Beads

Historical references suggest that the stone was believed to have healing properties, to have promoted good fortune, to have offered protection from falls in humans, and to have provided sure-footing for animals.

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