Frequently Asked Questions

What is Beadworks’ Online return policy?

Our Return Policy (Retail)

We do not accept returns of cut items (cords, chain, etc.), special orders, or shipments outside of the United States and Canada. All other items may be returned for a full refund (excluding shipping and handling) provided they are returned within ten business days of receipt in their original condition and packaging and with a copy of the invoice. Absolutely no returns will be accepted after two weeks.

Our Return Policy (Wholesale)

Returns are not accepted more than ten business days after receipt of the merchandise. Merchandise must be in its original condition and packaging. We do not accept returns of cut items (cords, chain, etc.), special orders, or any shipments outside of the United States and Canada.

Please note that the above policies do not apply to our retail stores.

What happens if I order an item which is out of stock?

Kindly note that while we make every attempt to remain in stock of our products, the nature of bead production and sourcing causes occasional shortages. We will ship partial orders unless you instruct us otherwise. We do not back order unless requested. Should your item be out of stock, please re-order at a later date.

How long will my order take to be shipped?

We process our shipments in the order that we recieve them. Due to the volume we process and the size of our staff we find that it typicall takes 2 - 3 days to process an order. Delivery time will vary based on your distance from our Norwalk, CT and Philadelphia, PA warehouses. Standard shipping normally takes between 2 - 5 days.

How much will shipping and handling cost?

Our shipping charges below include shipping, insurance and handling fee for any shipments under 5lb in weight. Extra charges may be added for certain regions of the country or large packages.

UPS Ground: $8.50

Fast and affordable, UPS Ground services gets your package there in two to four business days with the added benefits of insurance and tracking.

UPS 3 Day: $25.00

When you need to have your order in a guaranteed period of time, UPS 3 day service and offer a balance between speed and economy. Some size and zone restrictions apply.

UPS Overnight: $35.00

When you absolutely, positively have to have your beads, choose UPS overnight service, some size and zone restrictions apply.

USPS Priority Mail: $4.95

$4.95 for most sized packages. An economical alternative without the benefit of tracking or insurance. Packages usually arrive within 3-4 days to most locations, but delivery times are dependant on the United States Postal Service. Not recommended for Lampwork glass bead, glass beads or high value items.

USPS First Class Mail: $2.95

Budget alternative when you only have a couple of beads to ship. Not recommended for Lampwork glass bead, glass beads or high value items.

For International shipments, we will charge the actual shipping costs plus a $2.50 handling fee. Please authorize 20% of the total cost of the shipment (minimum $35). We will only charge your credit card the actual cost plus the handling fee.

Do you add sales tax to my order ?

Unless you are a bead re-seller and we have a copy of your state sales tax license, we are obligated by law to add the appropriate sales tax to orders shipped to the states of Connecticut (6.35%) or Pennsylvania (7%) where Beadworks has brick & mortar stores.

Do you ship orders to other countries?

Beadworks ships to countries around the world.  UK and European shipments are handled by Beadworks UK. Please see their shipping policy at For all other countries, we will charge the actual shipping costs plus a $2.50 handling fee. Please authorize 20% of the total cost of the shipment (minimum $35). We will only charge your credit card the actual cost plus the handling fee.

Very Important:

Customs duty is the responsibility of the customer and you should check with your relevant government department about customs duty rates and possible clearing fees if you are in any doubt.  International shipments can only be made on acceptance of the following terms:

“I understand that this order may be examined by the customs authorities of the country to which these goods are being shipped. I also understand that duty, taxes and/or clearing charges may be assessed and charged to me by the shipper in addition to the amount authorized above.
I agree that all and any such charges are solely my responsibility and that in the case of any queries and/or disputed charges, I will communicate directly with the carrier and/or customs. Beadworks accepts no responsibility for delay, loss or financial liability due to the actions of the customs authorities or the carrier. Once items are delivered to the carrier, they are considered sold and all queries concerning shipments should be made directly to the carrier.
Should a international package be refused, the customer will still be responsible for ALL duties and taxes associated with that order.”

NOTE: Canadian orders may be subject to tariffs, customs duties and associated assessments just like any other international destination.

Do your beads always look exactly like the pictures online?

We strive for the best possible color reproduction, but online color can be affected by the display settings and quality of your monitor. If you are ordering beads for a project where an exact color match is essential, we suggest you order a test quantity first.

Please also note that many of our beads are hand-made and color, pattern and size may vary slightly from batch to batch. While our makers try to keep such variation to a minimum, the differences inherent in hand-crafted beads are part of their charm. Even in semi-manufactured beads such as pressed glass and seed beads, the precise color is dependent on the original material. Glass rods from the manufacturer sometimes vary from batch to batch which can cause color variation in the beads.  If you are making a project which is very sensitive to changes in hue, try to order from the same batch.  If you place an order for the same bead many months later and the batch has changed, there may be some color variation.

Natural Variation:

Gemstones are, by nature, variable. Sometimes, as in the case of black onyx, the variation is very small and uniformity is valued. In other stones, such as ocean jasper or tourmalinated quartz, the natural variation is a critical part of attractiveness of the bead and it is extremely unlikely that one bead is ever going to look exactly like another. Due to our close monitoring, in-depth knowledge and deep appreciation of gemstone products, our quality is generally of high standard. Where there are degrees of quality and price, it will be indicated in the price. Many gemstones are enhanced to change their color or surface polish or to increase stability.  Modern enhancement practices have given jewelry designers a greatly increased choice of attractive and durable gemstones.  We will supply these enhanced stones when it is considered generally acceptable practice for that specific stone. Good practice dictates that enhanced stones should be offered when the changes caused by heat treatment, dying, irradiation, stabilization and other enhancement practices are as permanent as the nature of the stone permits.  Please note that some gemstones and all pearls, whether natural, cultured or enhanced, can undergo color and luster changes caused by sunlight, heat, acids and other chemicals.  You should care for your gemstone jewelry by storing it away from direct sunlight in non-reactive wrapping.